New Collaboration

Start: 14th February 2023

19 lessons in 19 weeks 

60 mins each, ZOOM

Co-leading team
Olga Smirnova, Arthur Shelley, Moria Levy,  Madan Rao, Vadim Shiryaev

Communication, Collaboration, Co-creation, Connection, Culture, Contribution, Creative frictions, Change management, Team engaging

Project Design Commenced: 2018

Collaboration is a heart of Knowledge management.

Ron Young

The New Collaboration – how to create and use knowledge 

 on the new level of effectiveness

Our Objective

To share the best knowledge how to collaborate in the new reality. 


What is the course about?

Course teaching:

Who are the target groups?

What value do participants get?

Details of participation in the course

Сost of participation in The new collaboration course:

$200 US
Standard price

$100 US
For networks that are
members of KMGN

KMGN course which we develop in collaboration
What is the background of the project development? What determines its success?

August – October 2022

October 2022 – January 2023

February 2023

What are the unique features of the course? 

Certification for those who take
part in the online course

Knowledge packages providing
tools for effective communication, connection (engaging), collaboration and co-creation