Connectionis a stage in the Collaborative Journey when the process of sincere and sustainable involvement of participants in the project is set up, as a result of which each participant invests in the project to the maximum of their capabilities, and the whole group is interested in both achieving outcomes and maintaining the team.

Collaboration project – a project with a clear goal, deadlines and criteria for successful implementation, built based on collaboration, when the participants focus on achieving the project's objectives and developing strengthening reciprocity between themselves.

New collaboration – a modern pragmatic way of thinking and doing, includes a flexible mindset, set of principles (collaborative culture) and tools that enable building multi-cultural, cross-expertise, cross-ages teams all over the world, which give a strategic power and open new opportunities to create and develop new critical assets for persons, teams, communities and ecosystems with no limits. 

New collaboration (2)is people connecting to build relationships and trust, to facilitate working together without boundaries  (across geography, time and tools). New collaboration emerges in ecosystems where people are committed to shared knowledge, experiences and insights,  inspiring and learning from each other to generate mutual value. The most critical success factor of new collaboration is the open way of being and interacting, more than the processes and tools.

The project sponsor is the project's initiator, the setter of goals, the beneficiary of results, and the source of the initial set of assets (including knowledge and support) for realisation.

The project leader is the person who accepts the goal and main challenge from the sponsor and is responsible for the project results. Forms the implementation plan, sets the project's direction, brings people together and inspires the team. The project manager exemplifies a collaborative culture: initially, the primary facilitator and engine may be, but gradually, these roles are distributed among team members.