Strategic Knowledge and Innovation Management Community (SKIMC)

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Locations: Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia

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Number of members: 300

About us

SKIMC – Strategic Knowledge and Innovation Management Community have been formed as a result of developing collaboration between KM Russia, Glink Community, Global Virtual Collaboration project, and several more organizational leaders networks.

We are focusing on strategic collaboration, knowledge, and innovation management issues developing collaboration between leaders for better implementation of KM, KIM, and KAM approaches and concepts for mutual benefits.

Key projects

Annual offline&online event & community in Russia & CIS around KM & KAM (since 2010). For KM'ers, business, education. 

Annual offline&online group immersion in insight management and co-creation technologies (since 2007). For business leaders.

Community and offline&online event based on collaboration technologies (since 2018). 

Specializes in the creation and development of education programs in the key asset management and knowledge management 

Annual awards for organisations who achieve sustained leadership and high performance through knowledge-based strategic initiatives (developed by Knowledge Management Society, Singapore)

Special multicultural online project and community  for co-developing methodology how to made Global Virtual Collaboration. Made in co-creation in A.C.E. (Accelerated Collaboration Experience) team

A course that allows the leaders of organisations to set up a collaborative mindset and culture, create a basis for long-term strategic collaboration and co-creation.


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Date: December, 2023

Annual event: 

The key idea, the purpose of the project: KM Russia is a special event where world-leading experts, entrepreneurs and scientists co-create the new knowledge on how to collaborate, co-create and do knowledge management. 

Value, which you create (how it drives KM): for 14 years now, we have been accumulating insides and ideas, methods and tools on KM, KIM, and KAM so that progressive leaders can apply that in their projects and demonstrate its value of KM.