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The Gesellschaft für Wissensmanagement e. V. (GfWM) - "Society for Knowledge Management" supports the professional and sustainable handling of knowledge. We promote the development of knowledge management in theory and application as a dialog between business, science, administration, politics and society at large.

The GfWM is an active, regionally distributed and nationally connected network of individuals, institutions and companies active in the field of knowledge management in the German-speaking world. GfWM supports the professional and responsible handling of knowledge and conveys a holistic view of knowledge management. With the GfWM website, newsletter and the annual magazine Das Kuratierte Dossier current information and technical contributions are published regularly.

The GfWM regional groups offer topical events several times a year in numerous cities in Germany and Austria, interdisciplinary exchange of experience is supported. Practitioners from industry, science and administration as well as interested people discuss perspectectives of knowledge management.

  Year of Foundation: 2000         Number of Members:  +350             Number of Events: +10

KMGN Members

Prof. Dr.-Ing Peter Heisig

Kristina Mirchuk

Dr. Manfred Bornemann


Date: October 13th - 14th 2022 

Location: The Student Hotel, Alexanderstr. 40, 10179 Berlin   


KM Essentials

With the motto of KnowledgeCamp 2022, we focus on the proven fundamentals and good practices in knowledge management as well as the top "assets" of the discipline in the past and present. Knowledge management has not only been a hype topic for a long time, but it keeps coming up on the agenda and is stimulating many trends. It is important to know these essentials of knowledge management and their insights in order to avoid duplication of effort and to be well prepared for the challenges of the knowledge society in the 21st century.