External Partners

Our key task is to jointly create value and develop a methodology that allows each of us to do our work more efficiently. That is why we do not charge for membership in the community. Instead, we are creating all conditions for the joint development of our infrastructure and setting up collaboration in order to bring our activities and knowledge exchange to a new qualitative level.

KMGN is always open to new partners. However, we are very selective in their choice. We cannot allow those who can potentially sow internal competition in the community to apply for participation. We want to be helpful to each other and make our collaboration exclusively mutual.

Description: This is a global community of KM practitioners. It is open to everyone with an interest in KM. Their goals are to share experiences and insights on implementing knowledge management and to provide answers to all questions in a helpful and timely manner.

Type of collaboration: Knowledge and Information partner.

SIKM Community - Run by Stan Garfield

Description: TAKE stands for Theory and Applications in the Knowledge Economy and is an international scientific conference and forum devoted to multi-disciplinary study of the knowledge economy, bringing together researchers, practitioners, and industry experts. In particular, it analyzes the relation and the gap between theories and practices in the knowledge economy of the 21st century.

Type of collaboration: Knowledge and Information partner.

TAKE Forum - Represented by Eduardo Tome