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About Our Network

KMS is a non-profit organisation set up to lead and serve Knowledge Management (KM) professionals in Singapore through the provision of access to KM resources. These include academic and practitioner expertise via face-to-face and online discussions, seminars, workshops and conferences. Members are granted free or discounted access to such events.

Originally named Information & Knowledge Management Society (iKMS), we started as a Knowledge Management (KM) interest group in late 1999, which regularly met and discussed KM matters in Singapore.

By 2000, interest had grown so rapidly that the founding committee, chaired by Dr Sulaiman Hawamdeh, decided to register a society. In January 2001, iKMS was officially born.

Now renamed as Knowledge Management Society (KMS), we continue to pursue inclusive, practitioner-focused perspectives, grounded in research. We bring together practitioners, researchers and commercial providers through publications, workshops, conferences, and online platforms such as webinars and global network online meetings.

  Year of Foundation: 2001         Number of Members: 100+             Number of Events: 4/year

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Rajesh Dhillon

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Faiz Selamat

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Lee Foon Yee


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Hafiz Khalid

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Brandon Ng

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Adrian Kee

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Date:  12 October 2022

Location:   Singapore

KM Singapore 2022

Knowledge Sustainability

KM Singapore 2022 will kick off with a hybrid engagement with the Global HackMthon where on-site participants will brainstorm issues and co-create solutions faced by today's knowledge workers, together with global KM professionals hailing from KMGN partner networks including Australia, India, Israel and Russia.

The theme for KM Singapore 2022 is "Sustainable KM" and the 4-rings logo with KMS colours signify that solid and permanent structures may not be relevant in a world that is dynamic. Hence there needs to be continuous efforts to maintain balance and ensure sustainable impact of knowledge management practices 

We believe the future of knowledge work needs to be sustainable and embed elements of sustainability in all our activities and outcomes.