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Number of members: 56

  Year of Foundation: 1999

About Our Network

"Club GC" is a non-profit association serving the french-speaking Knowledge Management community since 1999.  56 individual members belong to the Club, representing 31 companies featuring all industrial sectors and sizes.

Work packages are proposed to which any member may contribute. Resulting deliverables are made available to members on the website :

Club GC was instrumental in coordinating the French contribution to the writing and reviewing of ISO30401.

Our approach to KM :

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Patrick PRIEUR 



ClubGC's ambition

expressed in its statutes is to promote the practice and methods of Knowledge Management in companies and organizations at national and European level "

Since its creation, more than 20 years ago, the Club has developed concepts and methodological tools to organize, implement and bring to life Knowledge Management in an organization (company or organization).

The Club is an atypical association in the field of Knowledge Management. Via the provision of methodological tools, its purpose is to help member organizations to define, set up and develop their KM organization.

The Club is now at a stage in its development which makes it capable of providing a "product"  enabling this ambition to materialize.

The Club can thus be seen as “a machine” for implementing KM in organisations.


Our articles are reflections in support of the work of the Club's Commissions. 

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