ISO 30401 standard

Project leader:  Moria Levy
Co-leading team: Amanda Turner, Asif Mushtaq, Ian Fry, Izak Loubser, Khattab Salman, David Lamotte, Lucky Esa, Maya Zinovieva, Molly Chaudhuri, Thiendou Niang, Hamid Reze, Santhosh Shekar, Ved Prakash, Vincent Ribiere

Here you can find tools helping organisations: 

A) wishing to start the ISO 30 401 journey; 

B) wishing to extend their KM practices;

C) with excellent KM practices wishing to test and certify it

About: Sharing and co-creating tools that will help organisations' willingness and success of ISO 30401 implementation and certification.

How to implement ISO 30401 standard

The ISO30401 implementation toolbox.pptx

ISO30401 – Implementation toolbox. Orientation

ISO30401 Advaced toolkit- Brief.pptx

ISO30401 – Starter toolkit

The toolkit includes presenattions and video clips explained one by one the various components of the standard:

a) Opening video

b) Introduction video

c) Context of the organization video

d) Knowledge Development video

e) Knowledge Conveyance and Transformation video

f) KM Enablers 

g) Culture video

h) Leadership video

i) Implementation video 

j) Implementation – Annex A video

k) Implementation – Annex B - Relationship between KM and adjacent disciplines video

ISO30401 compass toolkit- Brief.pptx

ISO30401 – Compass toolkit

The toolkit includes:

a) Brief:  This brief of the tool kit

b) Questionaire: A set of questions and rubrics, on how to assess the proper placement, in 7 different pillars representing various aspects.

c) Evaluation form: A form to be filled in by the organization while using the tool.

d) Compass radar: A radar template diagram reflecting the organization's assessments of its KM level in the different aspects.

e) Workplan: A work plan template for leveraging the KM program, based on the results learned.

ISO30401 Advaced toolkit- Brief.pptx

Key values: