About Us

Our History

The Knowledge Management Global Network (KMGN) is a not-for-profit network founded in 2014. It is composed of International communities of Knowledge Management Practitioners.

It is a network that unites KM representatives not at the level of individuals and experts, but at the level of country networks and alliances. This allows us to co-create new knowledge in the field of KM.

Co-creation makes the network mutually beneficial for everyone. Those who participate in KMGN events enriches him or her even more. The larger and stronger our network, the stronger partners we can attract, the more we grow and the more assets each of us has access to.


KMGN is the thought leader, setting the agenda for KM globally and providing significant value that inspires businesses to leverage their business results & intellectual capital based on KM 


KMGN embodies GLOBAL significant collaborative KM innovation & implementation of the KM discipline providing high-value proposition to all and the prosperity of the discipline 

KMGN is the formalization of a relationship between KM partner networks to share resources and work collaboratively towards the following objectives:

Connect people and build social capital

Increase the value of membership to each of our partner associations

Create and share knowledge, resources, techniques and strategies

Extend platforms for cross-discipline collaboration and advocacy

Raise the profile and increase membership base of partner associations

Partner associations are bound by a joint Memorandum of Understanding

The Collaborative KM Network

The world is not standing still: only in recent years we have witnessed strong changes. No model of life, business, or human behaviour can live continuously for more than a year. And our network is no exception. As a modern organisation we strive for stable growth regardless of external factors. We update our strategy once a quarter to meet modern realities, and adjust our goals.

We are proud to be the most collaborative KM network. And this is not just a declaration, we confirm it from year to year. Not just to maintain this status, but to prove the possession of it (primarily to ourselves and our members), we annually create more joint global projects.

The more collaborative we are the more opportunities we have.

We implement proper collaboration and culture inside the KMGN first and then go external. 

We are experts in various fields of KM so we do not compete, but collaborate

We do not use each other's knowledge for personal purposes, but exchange best practices, bring something new to make everyone's expertise greater. We strive to conduct our communications, collaboration and co-creation effectively so the virtual environment becomes an opportunity for us, not a barrier. We spread this culture and achieve the best results in organisations, industries, and territories!

We value network culture in order to develop a creative environment

One of the key success factor of KMGN is a unified culture, which is categorically accepted by all participants of the KM global network. It allows us to be within the same framework of business communications and avoid misunderstanding.

From the very first day, we have been striving to develop collaboration. We see more benefits in this for everyone - for new participants, networks and the KMGN itself. We are glad that this has become a trend today.

The list of cultural codes is constantly updated

We do not claim that our values, principles and rules are a red pill and are suitable for any other network. But we can definitely guarantee that they are accepted by members of OUR network and accurately cope with their tasks. We've been testing them for years.

However, we are always open to anything new, including culture. Members can always bring in a new cultural code that will be adopted if it proves its effectiveness. That is why we update the culture of the network on a quarterly basis, thereby developing a co-creative environment.