KM Artificial Intelligence Course

Development of the course



The course took place online in 2021. Nowadays: Self-learning based on videos, presentations, and resources.

Co-Leading Team
Annie Green, Art Murray, Moria Levy, Vincent Ribiere

2021: 80 knowledge managers worldwide took part, 64 of them graduated. Nowadays the course can be taken as a self-learning course, with no charges.

Artificial Intelligence

Our Objective

Cause knowledge managers worldwide to:


What is the project about?

Course teaching:

Key Development  Milestones Leading to KM Advanced
What is the background of the project development? What determines its success?

March 2018

July 2018

September 2018

May 2021

September 2021

What Are The Unique Features of The Project? 

Certification for those who
took the online course

Innovative knowledge on how
KM can leverage AI projects

Who Are The Target Groups?

Primary target
Knowledge managers in organizations

Secondary target
AI project managers

The participants learn the materials and implement its content in AI and/or KM projects including AI.

What Value

do participants